Restructuring the Research

 Vision    Mission   Mandate 

"Become a Leading University on Mountain Agriculture research and Technology"


"Provide Technological Tools to Achieve food and Income Security Among Farmers of Kashmir and Ladakh Region Through Problem Solving Research and Technological Services"


"Undertake Stragegic and Applied Research in Agriculture and Allied Sectors Namely Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary, and Animal Husbandry Sciences, Forestry, Environmental Sciences and Fisheries"

"University Aspires to become a Leading Institution for Mountain Agriculture Research"

High altitude agro-ecological situations in Jammu and Kashmir are characterized by marginality, diversity, inaccessibility, fragility and small holder farming situations and therefore development imperatives pose a challenge both for agricultural scientists and development agencies. At a time, when dependence of farmers on agriculture both for food and income security is declining and new generation of youth is moving away from farming, the challenge lies in giving new direction to technological research so as to contain this trend. The state having both wet and dry temperate agro-climatic regions, plenty of water bodies, vast forests and pasturelands, which offer it comparative advantage of diversity of farming cultures, and therefore, redirecting research to bring "Kashmiriyat" in farming systems and make them ecologically appropriate ensuring sustainable livelihoods. Sustainable development in this mountainous state is therefore, possible with the use of scientific methods and packages evolved through in-depth location-specific research approaches incorporating local peoples perceptions. 

University during the last few years has attempted to focus research programmes on revitalizing livelihoods and bring paradigm shift in farm research and technology generation in order to enhance both farm productivity and economic sustainability of farmers. To make relevant contribution and be demand driven new paradigms of research are based on specific vision, mission and mandate.

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